Netflix Hit Back At User Who Claimed Riverdale Sexualises Teenage Girls

23 October 2019, 12:35

Netflix clapped back at one social media user who claimed Riverdale sexualises teen girls.

Netflix are known for interacting with users on social media, with the creators of the shows also happy to reply to fans of series such as Stranger Things.

So when one person claimed Riverdale sexualises teenage girls in a comment on one of their pictures, Netflix hit back with a powerful statement, saying the girls are “badass”, “loyal” and “dedicated” women.

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The photo Netflix initially posted was of stars of the show Camila Mendes, Lili Reinhart, and Madelaine Petsch.

The picture was captioned: “I love these three women. I love how honest they are, how they use their platforms to speak on issues they care about and that matter to young women, and I love that they stand up for themselves and others.”

However, the heartfelt caption was questioned by one person who replied: “They use their platform to speak on women’s issues but help in the sexualisation of teen girls on their show constantly lmao ok [sic].”

Netflix defended the characters and actresses in Riverdale
Netflix defended the characters and actresses in Riverdale. Picture: Netflix/Instagram
Netflix clapped back at the comment claiming Riverdale 'sexualises teenage girls'
Netflix clapped back at the comment claiming Riverdale 'sexualises teenage girls'. Picture: Netflix/Instagram

Netflix then clapped back with a powerful message, writing: “I think they play three characters in charge of their sexuality, not three characters being used or defined solely by their sexuality. Veronica is a badass business woman, Betty is loyal friend and dedicated sleuth, Cheryl is a LGBTQ student body president icon.

“Young women shouldn’t feel shamed for being sexual humans, or for feeling confident or sexy in their bodies. And they certainly shouldn’t be reduced to just *that* when they have a multifaceted character expression.”

The comment received nearly 3,000 likes.

Riverdale has become a huge hit
Riverdale has become a huge hit. Picture: Netflix

Camila recently opened up about her audition for her role as Veronica on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, saying she had to “gloss up” for the job.

She said the casting director told her: “You’re a little matte right now, at CW we’re glossy. Like glossy lips, cheeks are glowing, so come back a few days from now.”

The 25 year old returned a few days later after her friend had done her makeup and, of course, went on to nab the role.

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