Love Is Blind Returning With Season 2 - Release Date, Trailers, Cast & All The Info You Need

7 February 2022, 16:22

Watch the official trailer for Love Is Blind Season 2

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Netflix 'social experiment' Love is Blind had us all hooked when it first dropped, and two years on it's back with a brand new series – here's all the info on season two including the trailer, location and line-up...

Love Is Blind season two is set to start in a matter of days, two whole years after we first got hooked on the dating experiment.

The latest trailer – which you can watch at the top of this page – teases the drama set to come for the Love Is Blind series two hopefuls as the release date quickly approaches just in time for Valentine's Day.

This year, there's a whole new cast of single contestants to get familiar with, including a pizzeria owner, an executive assistant and an insurance broker.

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For those who have forgotten, Love Is Blind sees 30 single men and women hoping to find love placed into 'pods' on their own and tasked with forming intimate bonds with the person in the room opposite in a speed-dating kind of format.

Love Is Blind series 2 starts 11 February
Love Is Blind series 2 starts 11 February. Picture: Netflix

The only catch was that they weren't allowed to see one another face-to-face until the guy had proposed - the idea being that deeper connections are made when physicality is taken out of the equation.

Once engaged, the couples were finally allowed to see their betrothed in the flesh, before spending a few days getting to know one another before the big day.

But what's in store for season two of Love is Blind? Here's all the info you need from the new contestants to the release date and everything in between...

Last year&squot;s hopefuls were placed into custom-built "pods" to help them develop a deeper connection with one another
Last year's hopefuls were placed into custom-built "pods" to help them develop a deeper connection with one another. Picture: Netflix
Some of the Love Is Blind series 2 cast
Some of the Love Is Blind series 2 cast. Picture: Netflix

Love is Blind season 2 release date

Love is Blind season two comes out on February 11, 2022!

That's a whole two years after the first series dropped!

Watch the Love Is Blind Season 2 cast announcement

Who's in the cast for Love Is Blind season 2?

The contestants for series two have been revealed, and they've briefly introduced themselves to Netflix fans in the trailer above.

Here's who's in the cast:

  • Joey, 30, Business Strategy Consultant
  • Mallory, 32, Communications Manager
  • Rocky, 30, Executive
  • Kara, 32, Client Service Manager
  • Salvador, 31, Executive Assistant
  • Brandon, 36, Insurance Broker
  • Chassidy, 34, Business-owner
  • Jason, 31, Flight Attendant
  • Danielle, 29, Associate Director, marketing
  • Hope, 32, Sales Manager
  • Iyanna, 27, Program Coordinator
  • Vito, 33 Pizzeria Owner
  • Trisha, 30, Broker
  • Nick, 36, VP of Product Marketing
  • Julius, 39, Logistics Manager
  • Jarrette, 32, Project Manager
  • Juhie, 31, Clinical Therapist
  • Shea'na, 36, Event Partnershp Director
  • Kylie, 29, Glazier
  • Brian, 32, Advertising Strategist
  • Olivia, 29, Recruitment Partner
  • Deepti 31, IT Data Analyst
  • Haseeb, 28, Lawyer
  • Shayne, 32, Real Estate Agent
  • Caitlin, 31, Medical Software Sales
  • Jeremy, 36, Director/Entrepreneur
  • Shaina, 32, Hairstylist
  • Natalia, 29, Consulting Manager
Some of the cast of Love Is Blind series 2
Some of the cast of Love Is Blind series 2. Picture: Netflix

Where was Love Is Blind season 2 filmed?

Although it hasn't been announced where the second season was filmed, the first season was shot primarily in Atlanta, Georgia.

The couples who saw it through to the post-pod stage also jetted off to a retreat in Playa del Carmen, Mexico in season one.

Is there going to be a Love Is Blind season three?

Netflix announced in March 2020 that not only has Love Is Blind been renewed for a second season, a third season has also been commissioned.

Talking to last year, the show's creator Chris Coelen said: “I want to see a season 2 or a season 12. Don’t you?”

He also stated that he could see the show running for 15 or 20 seasons.

Can. You. Imagine.

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