Love Is Blind's Amber Pike Admits 'Some Days Are Hard' With Husband Matthew Barnett

1 April 2020, 14:24

Love Is Blind's Amber Pike admits married life is often hard
Love Is Blind's Amber Pike admits married life is often hard. Picture: Getty Images

It might not all be roses over in Love Is Blind's newlyweds lives, as Amber Pike admitted life isn't always easy with husband Matthew Barnett, and NGL, we're not even here for the drama, we're slightly worried!

Just when everyone has finally recovered from the drama that was Netflix's Love Is Blind and learnt of the couples that said 'I Do' who are all now living in wedded bliss, Amber Pike, married to Barnett, dropped a bombshell that it might not all be happy in paradise.

Where did she do this, we hear you ask? Right on Instagram for everyone to see, that's where!

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Love Is Blind is returning for season two

Now, to be fair to Amber, she made a pretty adorable holiday post of her and Barnett drinking some questionable alcoholic slushes whilst from their holiday in Puerto Rico in 2019, writing:

"Obviously some days are harder than others but not a single day has gone by since he came in to my life that he hasn’t made me laugh at least once."

"I can’t wait to be laughing our way around the world with you again."

Now, us being eternally single, is that something people usually write in their couple pics, or does Amber simply share more because their whole relationship was born on the TV screen?

We know you're wondering when you'll be getting your next fill of Love Is Blind after season 2 of the show was confirmed by Netflix, but we have some pretty disappointing news.

The next series, although not being given a release date, may have been released in 2020, but due to production halting on basically everything round the world, it's unlikely we'll be getting another series until 2021!

Yup, but the wheels are definitely in motion, as the show is casting from Chicago, rather than Atlanta, as revealed by Vulture!

So, in the meantime, did someone say re-run?!

All in all, Amber and Barnett, or Bamber, as we've decided we want to call them, look more loved up and happier than ever, and TBH, we kind of like the TMI updates she provides!

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