We've Built The Ultimate Netflix Boy Band & They're Totally Going To Be Number One

31 January 2019, 14:33 | Updated: 31 January 2019, 15:57

These Netflix stars would make the ultimate boy band
These Netflix stars would make the ultimate boy band. Picture: Getty Images

So many of our favourite Netflix stars are also totally talented musicians, so we've put together the ultimate Netflix boyband and we're honestly convinced their song would go straight to number one.

There we were keeping up with our favourite Netflix shows when we had a Eureka moment...there're so many actors that are also amazing musicians, we should really take it upon us to bring this talent under one roof and create the ultimate Netflix boyband.

We're naming them 'The Netflix Originals' and we're almost certain they've got a number 1 hit up their sleeve, so scroll on down to see who made the cut.

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Finn Wolfhard

At 16-years-old, Stranger Things star Finn may be the youngest member of the band, but he's by no means the least experienced, having fronted up Vancouver based band Calpurnia for the last two years with lead vocals and guitar.

Finn, who plays Mike Wheeler in the hit show alongside Millie Bobby Brown, and his band have a track called 'Greyhound' which has 1.7 million views on YouTube and they've performed on the likes of Jimmy Kimmel Live and have toured all over he place.

Not bad for a teenager, so Finn, you're in the band!

KJ Apa

First, he wooed the Riverdale casting directors playing the guitar during his audition for Archie Andrews and now, KJ is proving his dedication to shredding guitar isn't going anywhere.

He's jumped on stage in Vancouver (where Riverdale is filmed) and got everyone shook with his serious guitar skill. If someone could let him know he's been selected for 'TNO's' that would be great, we're looking to start rehearsals immediately.


Penn Badgley

Everyone's favourite TV stalker/murderer AKA Joe from YOU also has his own band, MOTHXR, of which he is the lead singer, that's supported The Streets and toured around Europe.

We are realising we have a lot of potential lead vocalists in this Netflix band which could lead to a clash, so we think it's only fair we give everyone a turn, maybe they get to be lead vocalist when their show has new episodes out, that would work, right?

Asa Butterfield

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We've got another secret musician on our hands in the form of Netflix's newest star of Sex Education, Asa, who plays Otis Milburn, who has been producing and singing since he was seven years old...move over Finn!

Much like his acting career, Asa started with his music very young, remixing and singing Wheatus's 'Teenage Dirtbag' and we're kind of seeing him as the quirky member who slinks mysteriously in the background on the decks of our 100% real and totally not fabricated boyband.

A little more underground than the other guys, so there's not a whole lot of evidence of this musical skill but that's his whole vibe and we. Are. Digging. It.

We're still trying to process what a genius idea this is and are really hoping this inter-Netflix jam fest one day takes place, because we'd totally want a manager's cut if it did.

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