Where In Italy Was Netflix's 'Ripley' Filmed?

8 April 2024, 17:20 | Updated: 10 April 2024, 15:35

Here are all the stunning locations that are the backdrop to Netflix's thriller 'Ripley'
Here are all the stunning locations that are the backdrop to Netflix's thriller 'Ripley'. Picture: Alamy

By Abbie Reynolds

Here are all the filming locations in Italy used in Netflix's show 'Ripley'.

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Netflix's Ripley, starring the talented Andrew Scott and Dakota Fanning, is the latest adaptation of Patricia Highsmith's legendary novel The Talented Mr. Ripley.

The most popular adaption of the 1955 book hit the big screens in 1999 as a film by the same title. It featured a star-studded cast, including Matt Damon, Jude Law, Gwyneth Paltrow, Cate Blanchett and the late Phillip Seymour Hoffman.

Now the story has returned once again in an eight-part series streaming on Netflix from this April. The show takes place in a few locations across the world, as the main character, Tom Ripley (played by Andrew), hunts down a wealthy lad named Dickie Greenleaf.

But where exactly are all those beautiful settings you see on screen? Here's every location used for filming the show.

Andrew Scott will play the lead in Netflix's Ripley
Andrew Scott will play the lead in Netflix's Ripley. Picture: Alamy

Where did they film Netflix's Ripley?

Set in '50s southern Italy most of the filming for Ripley was actually done in the country of good pasta, pizza and wine - aka Italy - featuring five major locations. But some of the show was also shot in the busy streets of NYC.

Here are all the filming spots:

  • Amalfi Coast

For the majority of the series the picturesque Amalfi Coast was used as it's setting. This is where they filmed most of the 1999 film adaption of The Talented Mr. Ripley as well.

  • Venice

If you've noticed a gondola in the show, you'd be right to guess some of the filming took place in Venice, which is known for its canals.

Most of the filming for 'Ripley' occurred on the Amalfi Coast
Most of the filming for 'Ripley' occurred on the Amalfi Coast. Picture: Alamy
  • Naples

Another notable filming spot in the show is the church of Santa Maria La Nova. The ancient cathedral is a historical landmark in Naples, Italy.

  • Rome

The grand Palazzo dei Congressi building in Rome also featured as a filming spot for the show.

  • Capri

Speaking to Vogue, Dakota (who plays Marge Sherwood) revealed that one day in a house in Capri, where they had been filming, she had a barbecue with her co-stars - sounds bellissimo!

  • New York City

The series starts in NYC as the plot follows a struggling con man from New York. He is tasked to bring back a wealthy man's son from Italy, thus beginning his exotic travels in one of Europes most beautiful countries.

Andrew Scott in Venice shooting the series 'Ripley'
Andrew Scott in Venice shooting the series 'Ripley'. Picture: Alamy

Naturally, the actors must have wanted to explore the stunning settings, but since filming for Ripley began during the coronavirus pandemic there were some restrictions. However, Dakota revealed that it wasn't all work and no play.

She said: "It was wonderful, but complicated because you’re in these beautiful places where people dream of going on their holiday, but you’re working and it was during Covid and it was challenging,

"So your brain doesn’t know what mode to switch into. But, we definitely found time to have some great meals and wine together."

Ripley is out now on Netflix.

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