Where Are The Married At First Sight UK Couples Now, Are Any Still Together?

14 September 2021, 17:33

Married at First Sight UK saw eight couples say 'I do'
Married at First Sight UK saw eight couples say 'I do'. Picture: E4
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The current Married at First Sight UK couples have viewers wondering if any are actually still together.

Married at First Sight UK series six has been one of the most turbulent yet, with a cheating scandal taking place days after the couples returned from their honeymoons and two couples quickly splitting.

But the likes of Morag and Luke, Megan and Bob, and Tayah and Adam are still trying at their marriages in the most recent episodes of MAFS UK.

Is Married At First Sight UK Legally Binding?

Franky and Marilyse are also still together on the series, despite concerns from the relationship experts about their power dynamic.

MAFS UK: Ant and Nikita split after returning from their honeymoon
MAFS UK: Ant and Nikita split after returning from their honeymoon. Picture: E4

Married at First Sight UK was of course filmed earlier this year, so viewers want to know what happened once the cameras stopped rolling.

Are any Married at First Sight UK couples still together? Here’s what they’re up to now…

Are Megan and Bob still together?

MAFS UK: Megan and Bob
MAFS UK: Megan and Bob. Picture: E4

As always, we have to wait until the end of the series to find out whether the MAFS UK couples have gone the distance, but eagle-eyed fans spotted a clue on Bob’s Instagram recently that may have just hinted at his relationship status.

In a photo Bob posted earlier in September with his mates, his left hand can be clearly seen without a wedding ring.

The comments section is full of fans calling out the absence of his ring, but we’ll have to wait until the show’s over to see how things panned out between him and Megan after they tried to resolve their relationship following the scandal she kissed Jordon at one of the dinner parties.

Are Franky and Marilyse still together?

MAFS UK: Marilyse and Franky
MAFS UK: Marilyse and Franky. Picture: E4

Franky and Marilyse quickly bonded over their love of adventure, but the mum-of-two was concerned about whether her new husband would eventually move back to the UK from Dubai.

The ex military man said he hoped to settle down in the sun-soaked country, but fans are yet to see where the newlyweds decided to remain, or if they’re even still together.

Where are Morag and Luke now?

E4 haven’t revealed if Morag and Luke are still together, but we’re taking a guess things might just still be going strong if Morag’s Instagram profile is anything to go by.

The veterinary nurse has shared a lot of selfies with Luke, which we’re taking as a promising sign!

What happened to Alexis and Ant?

MAFS UK: Alexis and Ant started dating after splitting from their respective marriages
MAFS UK: Alexis and Ant started dating after splitting from their respective marriages. Picture: E4

Alexis and Ant explored their feelings for each other after dumping respective partners Jordon and Nikita.

Whether they actually went the distance after re-joining the experiment remains to be seen.

Are Matt and Daniel still together?

Matt and Daniel had a deal breaker of their own; Daniel would be staying put in his hometown in Ireland after the experiment.

Viewers are yet to see the conclusion these two came to.

Where are Amy and Josh now?

Amy and Josh have been having a rocky relationship on-screen, admiring there’ “no issues” in the bedroom but clashing over small topics.

After a heart-to-heart they bonded on their honeymoon, but their romance was tested during ‘yes week’ after Amy took over the reigns.

Are Tayah and Adam still together?

Tayah and Adam fell hard for each other, very quickly.

Even the relationship experts were in awe of how in love the newlyweds looked and from the pictures they’ve shared on Instagram we’re going to get our hopes up and say their future looks promising.

Married at First Sight continues at 9pm on E4.

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