Luke Accuses Morag Of ‘Playing A Game’ On Married At First Sight UK Reunion

5 October 2021, 10:26

Luke and Morag erupt as Welshman admits he never loved her on MAFS UK

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Luke told the relationship experts he was ‘played the whole time’ by Morag on Married at First Sight UK.

Luke, 36, and Morag, 31, had one of the most turbulent journeys on Married at First Sight UK, with the couple finally deciding to give things a shot at the final commitment ceremony.

However, weeks later at the reunion party Luke claimed Morag had been ‘playing a game’ the entire time, and saw the marriage experiment simply as a TV show.

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She hit back, branding him ‘fake’.

Morag and Luke clashed at the MAFS UK reunion
Morag and Luke clashed at the MAFS UK reunion. Picture: E4
Luke accused Morag of 'playing a game'
Luke accused Morag of 'playing a game'. Picture: E4

After Morag said she felt like they ended on a high, she claimed: “The moment we left the experiment Luke hasn’t phoned me once.”

Luke then had his say, recalling they agreed to give each other space and that he messaged her every morning and every night.

He said: “We spoke on one day and you categorically told me you’ve never seen us in a relationship. I was like ‘what am I fighting for?’ I was like, ‘what does the final commitment ceremony mean to you?’ And you said ‘it’s a tv show’.”

Morag hit back: “I never said that. I said it was an experiment, it wasn’t a real marriage, and you wasn’t my boyfriend.”

Morag told Luke 'it was a TV show' after the experiment wrapped
Morag told Luke 'it was a TV show' after the experiment wrapped. Picture: E4

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Clearly getting frustrated, Luke replied: “Yes you did. What am I supposed to take from that? You said you never saw us as being in a relationship.”

The rest of the contestants looked shocked as Morag quipped: “You never asked me to be your girlfriend!”

“What did we just go through?” Luke replied, clearly stunned.

Luke then claimed he felt 'played' by Morag, before she branded him ‘fake’.

"I wasn't the guy you wanted, it was just a game for you the whole time,” he fumed, as Morag hit back: “I was honest with you from start to finish.”

Luke added: “It’s a lie, an absolute lie.”

Over on Twitter fans celebrated the end of the couple’s relationship, saying Luke deserves better.

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