Couple Fallout Over Bride’s Vegan Lifestyle On Married At First Sight UK

7 September 2022, 10:30 | Updated: 7 September 2022, 11:24

Zoe and Jenna clash over veganism on MAFS UK

By Kathryn Knight

One couple on Married at First Sight UK are already facing a relationship test after the bride revealed to her new partner she’s vegan.

Married at First Sight UK newlyweds Zoe Clifton and Jenna Robinson clashed on their honeymoon in Iceland after Jenna revealed she’s vegan.

Jenna runs a sustainable shop, selling refills for household items and told new wife Zoe she acknowledges her ‘lifestyle is a lot to take in’.

After their wedding, where they met for the first time at the altar, Zoe was left in shock over Jenna’s revelation she’s a vegan, asking producers, “does that mean she can’t eat eggs!?”

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And in Tuesday night’s episode their different views led to an awkward clash after Jenna admitted she’d be upset if Zoe ate reindeer as they looked at the options on the menu.

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Zoe and Jenna clashed over their different lifestyles
Zoe and Jenna clashed over their different lifestyles. Picture: E4

Zoe then refused to try Jenna’s tofu.

She later told the camera: “It would be nice for her to try a vegan option,” as Zoe joked: “God forbid if I’d had medium rare [lamb] and it’s still baa-ing on the plate!”

“I’m conscious of what I’m ordering,” she went on.

Jenna said: “She’s ordering what she would always order on a menu, it’s a little bit frustrating.”

Zoe chose to eat meat at a restaurant much to Jenna's disappointment
Zoe chose to eat meat at a restaurant much to Jenna's disappointment. Picture: E4
Jenna from MAFS UK is vegan
Jenna from MAFS UK is vegan. Picture: E4

Later on in one of the natural baths as they admired the scenes around them they had a discussion about their different lifestyles.

Zoe said to her new wife: “I respect it and as long as you respect how I live my life, we’ll be fine.”

She added: “My concern is that you’d try and make me change,” later telling the camera, “I feel like she doesn’t want to change me but she can’t help but try. It puts me off.”

Jenna said: “After today I’m not sure if we will be able to get past this whole vegan thing.”

They later talked things through, agreeing to focus on the things they have in common instead of their differences.

Viewers will soon see them reunite with their MAFS co-stars.

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