The Good Place Fans Can't Believe How Different Manny Jacinto Looks In The Acolyte

5 July 2024, 17:35

The Good Place Fans Can't Believe How Different Manny Jacinto Looks In The Acolyte
The Good Place Fans Can't Believe How Different Manny Jacinto Looks In The Acolyte. Picture: Robert Trachtenberg/NBCU Photo Bank/NBCUniversal via Getty Images via Getty Images, Disney
Sam  Prance

By Sam Prance

Everyone is thirsting over Manny Jacinto in The Acolyte and we agree.

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Real ones know that Manny Jacinto was always fine (and incredibly talented!) but a whole new legion of people are thirsting over him in The Acolyte.

Ever since The Good Place debuted in 2016, people have been obsessed with Manny Jacinto. Not only was Manny hilarious as Jason Mendoza but he also brought a lot of heart and depth to the role. In the years after The Good Place ended, Manny has had roles in projects like Nine Perfect Strangers and Top Gun: Maverick but it's his new show that's truly going viral.

In the new Stars Wars spin-off The Acolyte, Manny plays The Stranger and viewers are sweating over his performance and how different he looks in comparison to The Good Place. To quote Fergie, he's been up in the gym working on his fitness.

The Acolyte is set around 100 years before Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace and it follows a Jedi master as they inspect a series of crimes. Amandla Stenberg stars as twins Osha and Mae, and Manny plays a Sith master named Qimir who originally disguises himself as a smuggler known as The Stranger.

We now know that Qimir is a former Jedi who has turned to the dark side but it's a scene in the latest episode that's truly got the internet in a chokehold. Qimir skinny dips in an ocean pool while chatting to Osha and the whole episode is overflowing with tension between the two characters.

Naturally, fans are obsessed and people are tuning into the show just to see Manny in action. One person tweeted: "manny jacinto's arms are going to bring people to the acolyte the way jeremy allen white's arms brought people to the bear it's all connected we live in a beautiful world."

Another wrote "watching The Acolyte for the plot," alongside a screenshot of Manny in the skinny dipping scene.

Of course, long time fans of The Good Place are also taking to X/Twitter to remind people that Manny has always been hot. A fan tweeted: "people just finding out manny jacinto is hot…. where have you been."

Another wrote: "on the right side of history (always knowing manny jacinto was hot)."

The Good Place star D'Arcy Carden, who played Manny's love interest Janet in the show, also joined in on the tweets.

Replying to someone who wrote, "the himbo from the Good Place becoming the hottest man alive was definitely not on my bingo card", D'Arcy added: "It was on mine."

BBR - going to watch this week's episode of The Acolyte again.

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