How To Get The 'Selling Sunset' Instagram Filter To See Which Real Estate Superstar You Are

19 August 2020, 15:58

How to use the 'Selling Sunset' Instagram filter
How to use the 'Selling Sunset' Instagram filter. Picture: Selling Sunset/ Netflix/ Instagram @ChristineQuinn

The 'Selling Sunset' filter has officially arrived and you can find out if you're super villain, Davina, queen bee, Christine or nice girl, Mary!

As if Selling Sunset hadn't taken over our lives enough, the official Instagram filter has arrived to let you know which glamorous real estate agent you are, from sass queen, Christine Quinn, to series 3 super villain, Davina.

So, how can you get the filter, created by cast member Christine, to see if you'd be in charge of that $75 million listing, or trailing along with those lousy old $2 million condos...

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How do I get the Selling Sunset filter?

There are two ways to access the filter, either by clicking on someone's story that features it and saving it to your catalogue, or by going to the creator's page, in this case Christine Quinn, and save it directly from there.

After saving the filter to your account, you can access it by going to shoot an Instagram story and finding it on the bottom left hand side, and voila!

People are already reporting back on who they've been assigned, with one Twitter user not at all happy with their outcome.

They wrote: "Just did a "Which Selling Sunset Cast Member Are you" filter on Instagram and I did it legit 7 times and got Davina every time and if that isn't a reflection of my life I don't know what is."

Whilst we're on the topic of luxury real estate shows that have become our new obsession- Netflix's next Selling Sunset type show, Million Dollar Beach House, is dropping on the streaming site on August 26!

But this time it's in The Hamptons, so, it's kind of different?!

From the trailer, it looks like there's going to be more drama and mansions than ever, and we really didn't see this hilarious genre arriving to dominate our lives, but we're here for it.

Million Dollar Beach House | Official Trailer | Netflix

Unsurprisingly, we shall be watching.

In the meantime, you can find us on Instagram, because we keep getting told we're Brett Oppenheim...

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