Does Tom Ripley Kill Marge?

12 April 2024, 16:30

Here's what happens to Marge in 'Ripley'
Here's what happens to Marge in 'Ripley'. Picture: Alamy

By Abbie Reynolds

Does Tom Ripley kill Marge Sherwood in Netflix's 'Ripley'? Here's what happens to Dickie Greenleaf's girlfriend in the dark series. Spoilers ahead!

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The Netflix adaptation of the 1955 book The Talent Mr. Ripley has been a hit, from its beautiful black and white cinematography to Andrew Scott's mesmerising performance, it has all the ingredients to be a cult classic series.

If you've clicked on this article then you've likely made it past episode three of Netflix's Ripley, and if you haven't we won't judge you but equally, why do you want to ruin for yourself?

This page is going to be full of spoilers from the get go, so you have been warned, click away if you need to. But for those who want to know everything they can (apart from the ending) strap in and let us take you through some of the darkest Ripley scenes.

There's a fair bit of tension between Tom and Marge in 'Ripley'
There's a fair bit of tension between Tom and Marge in 'Ripley'. Picture: Alamy

Does Tom Ripley kill marge in 'Ripley'?

Beware there are Ripley spoilers ahead.

In Netflix's Ripley, Tom Ripley's appearance in Atrani, Italy throws a spanner in the works for Dickie Greenleaf's relationship with Marge. He begins to spend more time with Tom than he does with Marge, who is depicted by Dakota Fanning. And she is noticeably annoyed by this.

When Dickie realises this he starts to question his relationship with Tom and even states to him clearly that he's not "queer" as he fears Tom is trying to purse a romantic relationship with him.

However, in episode three titled 'III Sommerso' things take a turn for the worst. In an unexpected exchange on a boat Tom takes a paddle and beats Dickie to death. It all gets very Saltburn.

The episode ends with Tom managing to escape the murder scene and looks to be heading back to Atrani where a clueless Marge resides. So, to continue his fantasy life in Italy does he get Marge out of the way? Here's what happens next.

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It seems that Tom has every intention of killing Marge if he needs to, but he actually never gets the chance. When he returns to Atrani he spins a narrative that suggests Dickie was suicidal and while Marge starts off sceptical she later accepts this as her lover's fate.

First Marge visits Tom at his new place and he makes a suggestive joke about the slippery steps outside the front entrance. This paired with the fact that he had sent the staff home for the day suggests he plans to hurt Marge.

Marge then discovers Dickie's signet ring amongst Tom's stuff, and rather than calling him a murder she decides this is evidence that Mr Greenleaf was suicidal. She comes to this conclusion as she says him giving away personal possessions suggests that he was going 'away' and not coming back.

Dakota Fanning plays Marge in Ripley
Dakota Fanning plays Marge in Ripley. Picture: Alamy

It's likely that Marge didn't actually believe this. She had suspicions of Tom long before Dickie's dad sent a letter warning him of his intentions so she likely realised he was a murderer and wanted to appease him in an attempt to save her own life.

And it worked. During their exchange Tom picks up an astray and looks ready to strike her with it, however when she reveals her conclusion he puts it down and Marge leaves the situation unharmed.

A few days later she returns to America safe and sound.

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