Dash And Lily Review: What Netflix Lovers Are Really Saying About The Christmas Series

11 November 2020, 16:32

Dash and Lily is the Christmas Netflix series we all need
Dash and Lily is the Christmas Netflix series we all need. Picture: Netflix

Dash and Lily is getting Christmas started on Netflix, but what's the series' review from people who have actually watched it?

Dash and Lily, executive produced by Nick Jonas, is here to fill the festive void if you’ve already ploughed through all your favourite Christmas movies.

With Austin Abrams and Midori Francis as the main cast members, the Netflix series has quickly garnered a huge fan base as their old-school yet modern romance journey leads us all into the Christmas season we all so need to hurry up.

Dash And Lily Season 2: Will There Be Another Series On Netflix?

Lily is a shy teenager who one day decides to put a notebook ‘of dares’ in a New York bookstore for a fellow bookworm to find.

Watch the trailer for Netflix's Christmas series Dash & Lily

Dash of course is the lucky soul to find the book and the two embark on an exchange of notes to one another via the book, sharing their dreams, secrets and passions, leaving the notepad all over a festive New York for each other to find.

But what are Netflix fans and Christmas lovers actually saying about Dash and Lily and are the hyped reviews speaking the truth? Here’s what people are really saying about the new series…

Dash and Lily leave notes for each other all over NYC
Dash and Lily leave notes for each other all over NYC. Picture: Netflix

Netflix lovers are watching Dash and Lily in one night

Afters scouring the Twittersphere it’s seriously hard to find a bad comment about this feel-good series, with most Netflix users watching it on one sitting.

“Just finished Dash and Lily in one sitting and I absolutely loved it. Such a cute watch. The actress who plays Lily is so adorable and deserves the world,” one person sweetly summarised.

The cast of Dash and Lily does not disappoint

If the feel-good factor wasn’t enough to get you tuning in just yet, the cast of Dash and Lily has been received to rave reviews.

One viewer tweeted: “Oh my god, Dash & Lily is amazing! The casting is perfect, and I love the chemistry between Dash and Lily so much! Also yes for diversity! There's Black, Latino, Jewish, Asian and queer representation. The book is perfect, but so is this series. I need season 2 now! #DashAndLily.”

The Jonas Brothers’ performance in Dash and Lily is everything

Nick Jonas has made his executive producing debut on Dash and Lily, so of course he whacked in a Jonas Brothers performance, as well as a scene of his own on-screen.

While we’re here for Dash and Lily’s love story alone, the Jonas Brothers’ gig really is another treat under the tree.

In a tweet we couldn’t relate to harder, one fan said of their performance: “I’m convinced that the jonas brothers being part of dash and lily was some sort of pr campaign tailored specifically to me. i don’t understand why they decided to spend so much time/money reaching me specifically, but i’m thankful [sic].”

Nick Jonas produced and stars in Dash and Lily
Nick Jonas produced and stars in Dash and Lily. Picture: Netflix

Dash’s best friend Boomer is a star in his right

Boomer, played Dante Brown, had viewers declaring “he must be protected at all costs” after advising his BFF through his crazy ideas about what to leave in the notebook.

Dante said he’s never played a character “so energetic” and with “so much loyalty to a friend” and couldn’t wait to “dive into” the first audition.

Boomer is played by Dante Brown in Dash and Lily
Boomer is played by Dante Brown in Dash and Lily. Picture: Netflix

Dash and Lily takes us all on a trip of New York at Christmas

Dash and Lily get to know each other through the notebook Lily leaves in a book store, meaning they have to hide the book at locations across New York City.

The series was filmed during the Christmas period in 2019, before this strange old Covid-19 life transformed everyone’s lives.

One viewer accurately wrote: “DASH & LILY […] it's like a cozy, warm blanket of a show. Austin Abrams and Midori Francis are adorable as the leads, and it's like a New York sightseeing tour and Christmas movie all in one.”

Dash and Lily takes us all back to a pre-pandemic time we never knew we’d miss, when we could be among huge crowds cheering to music, shopping in packed stores and going for drinks with our mates.

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