What Is The Golden Ticket On Dancing On Ice & How Does It Work?

29 January 2021, 14:32

'Dancing On Ice' judges given a 'Golden Ticket' in major shake up
'Dancing On Ice' judges given a 'Golden Ticket' in major shake up. Picture: ITV/ Dancing On Ice

Dancing On Ice is back for 2021 with a major shake up to its regular format as judges are given a Golden Ticket to save couples. But how does the Golden Ticket work, what does it mean?

Dancing On Ice is back in 2021 with our very own Sonny Jay competing for the trophy and the series returns with a major twist to shake up the competition – the Golden Ticket.

ITV has announced the show's judges will be given the opportunity to use a Golden Ticket to give a couple a safe pass through to next week's show and save them from elimination.

However, this comes with certain restrictions, so take a look at just how it's going to work...

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Sonny Jay is among the Dancing on Ice hopefuls
Sonny Jay is among the Dancing on Ice hopefuls. Picture: ITV

What is the Dancing On Ice Golden Ticket, how does it work?

The Golden Ticket on Dancing on Ice will allow a couple to be saved from facing the public vote and therefore elimination.

However, it will only be in use for the first two weeks only.

One couple per week in the first fortnightly shows will receive this pass which saves them from the vote and guarantees them a place in the third show of the series.

Obviously, the stars and their partners will be eager to earn this ticket, as those at the bottom of the leaderboard following in week one will be in the following week’s Skate-Off, along with the bottom of the table in week two, and therefore at risk of the first elimination.

Who are the Dancing On Ice judges?

The 2021 'Dancing On Ice' cast
The 2021 'Dancing On Ice' cast. Picture: ITV/ Dancing On Ice

The DOI judging panel consists of ice skating legends Torvill and Dean, entertainer John Barrowman and Diversity dancer Ashley Banjo, all returning from last year.

No doubt they'll be excited to have such a huge twist thrown in their direction!

The contestants first performances will be spread across these first two weeks, so all eyes will be on the judges to see who they hand out the Golden Ticket to!

Dancing On Ice kicks off on 17 January 2021 on ITV at 7pm.

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