'Conversations With Friends': 7 Tweets That Sum Up Fans' Reactions To The Show

17 May 2022, 15:29 | Updated: 17 May 2022, 16:57

Conversations with Friends has arrived and the reviews are in...
Conversations with Friends has arrived and the reviews are in... Picture: Hulu
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Fans have taken to social media to share their thoughts on Hulu's 'Conversations with Friends' – here are some of the best reactions to the TV adaptation of Sally Rooney's first book.

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Conversations with Friends is finally here... and fans have a lot to say about it!

The Hulu and BBCThree series landed on May 15 after months of teasing, behind-the-scenes images and buzz created by the show's star-studded cast; including Joe Alwyn and Jemima Kirke.

Taylor Swift Has Already Watched Joe Alwyn In Conversations With Friends & She's So Proud

The award-winning team behind Normal People has brought the genius of Sally Rooney's books onto the screen once again!

Fans have been eagerly awaiting the limited series after the mega-success of Normal People back in 2020, however, the response to Conversations with Friends has been slightly more mixed than its predecessor...

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Conversations With Friends dropped on May 15
Conversations With Friends dropped on May 15. Picture: IMDB

Sally Rooney has developed quite the cult following after she released Conversations with Friends back in 2017 (it was her debut!), so it comes as no surprise that fans were quick to lap up the television adaptation of the story.

One viewer took to Twitter and wrote: "Normalize watching the entirety of Conversations with Friends the day it comes out and then rewatching all of Normal People immediately after."

Normal People was the second novel by Rooney and served as inspiration for the Hulu mega-hit that put the likes of Daisy Edgar-Jones and Paul Mescal on the map – the new show serves as the highly-anticipated follow-up to the success.

Some fans have gone as far as calling the multiple television series' adapted from the author's work as "the sally cinematic rooneyverse" – which has a ring to it if you ask us!

Despite an outpouring of praise for the complicated love-square story between Nick, Frances, Bobbi and Melissa, there have been some critiques from viewers too.

Joe Alwyn – who you may recognise from The Favourite and Mary Queen of Scots – serves as the show's leading man with his portrayal of Nick Conway.

In the series, Nick is an actor with a somewhat stony and frosty persona, he develops an affair with Frances, played by Alison Oliver, throughout the story.

Fans have been quick to defend the 'cold' delivery from Alwyn as the character is meant to be, as readers have put it, "unseasoned".

Audiences' criticism of Nick's character has led Twitter users to question: "DID YOU EVEN READ THE BOOK? [sic]"

Another fan wrote: "joe alwyn is the perfect casting for nick in conversations with friends i don't get the hate !!!!he's exactly how i pictured him [sic]."

Viewers couldn't help but draw parallels between Joe's onscreen portrayal in Conversation with Friends and his real-life love affair with a certain Taylor Swift.

In the first episode, after Frances meets Nick, she googles the actor upon returning home, thus beginning her fascination with the man that she will soon pursue an affair with.

Swifties couldn't help but bring up a lyric from Taylor's 2019 song 'Paper Rings' where the songstress sings: "Went home and tried to stalk you on the internet."

And of course, Taylor being the ever-supportive girlfriend that she is, also had to share her reaction to the much-talked-about show. She took to her Instagram story and wrote: "Can confirm it's phenomenal. Out now."

Talk about a glowing review from the story-telling genius herself!

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