WATCH: Spider-Man Tom Holland Proves Superheroes DO Exist After Surprising Kids At A Hospital

7 June 2017, 13:53 | Updated: 4 December 2017, 11:10

He's not just a superhero onscreen you know.

With Tom Holland's brand new Spider-Man movie ready to hit the screen, the young star has been doing the rounds to promote the movie. BUT, it's not just press junkets and red carpets that the webslinger has been turning up at.

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Earlier this week, the 21 year old actor swung by Children's Hospital L.A. to meet some of his fans and we think it's safe to say he left an impression.

spiderman tom holland visits fans in hospital

Pic:Children's Hospital L.A

Not content with just chatting to the kids, he even showed off a stunt or two, (being an accomplished gymnast as well as an actor) flipping around the corridors like only a true Spidey can.

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Fans across Twitter have been quick to praise the young actor...

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