WATCH: This 'The Chase' Contestant Gave The Worst Answer EVER & Twitter Couldn't Cope

2 June 2017, 15:40 | Updated: 4 December 2017, 11:10

Imagine being on her team when she said this!

So we al know how quiz shows generally work  right? The host will ask questions and contestants answer them in the hope of winning some money. In this case, Bradley Walsh was asking the questions on The Chase and the contestant was named Shauna.

When a seemingly obvious question popped up - 'The Statue Of Liberty Is A Pale Shade Of What?' - everyone almost switched off as Shauna couldn't possibly get that one wrong...but wait, apparently she could.

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After selecting 'Pink', Shauna explained that she was waiting for 'Grey' to come up as an answer as she thought the Statue Of Liberty was concrete, but went on to explain, "Pink is my favourite colour so I went for that."

Of course the answer was axtually 'Green' and once Shauna's on screen humiliation was complete, the good people of Twitter decided to share their views on the incrdible fiasco that they'd just witnessed...

But how did Shauna go on to fare in the rest of the show we hear you ask? Well, whilst you might think she completely flopped from that point onwards, Shauna actually managed to get it together and bag £6,000 for her team.

Sadly though they did go on to lose in the final chase so all Shauna's hilarious efforts were in vain in the end.

Whilst Shauna's story made us laugh, this video of Bradley Walsh's funniest reactions are possibly the funniest moments on The Chase ever...