WATCH: “Is He Still Alive?!” Teens React To Back To The Future 2's 2015 Predictions

20 October 2015, 15:20 | Updated: 4 December 2017, 11:10

Teens React to Back to the Future 2 (Marty McFly arriving on October 21st, 2015)


Marty McFly and The Doc travelled to the 21st October 2015 in the movie – and the teens of today had some AMAZING reactions to the film.

The original movie came out in 1989, and Back To The Future 2 has been a cult classic ever since… but how would the teens of today react? It's Back To The Future Day on Tuesday (21st October) to it's time to find out!

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Marty McFly and The Doc time travelled to 21st October 2015 in the movie – and to celebrate the fact it’s nearly that exact date IN THE PRESENT (spooky, huh?) some teenagers (who were NOT EVEN BORN when the movie came out) were asked for their thoughts.

The teens were shown clips from ‘2015’ in the movie to see how well it predicted the future. Some things WERE kind of off – self-tying laces and flying cars – but did they get anything right?

Click play on the video above and see these teens trying to get their heads round a movie from the past predicting the future which is now the present. Mind = Blown. 

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