Taron Egerton & Rami Malek Face Backlash Over 'Plain' Met Gala Suits

7 May 2019, 11:29

Taron Egerton and Rami Malek at the Met Gala 2019
Taron Egerton and Rami Malek at the Met Gala 2019. Picture: Getty

Taron Egerton and Rami Malek have been criticised by some after they turned up to the Met Gala 2019 in plain black suits.

Taron Egerton and Rami Malek have recently played two of the most flamboyant dressers in the history of music, Elton John and Freddie Mercury. So, when the pair attended the Met Gala in black suits, fans were not impressed.

Taron plays Elton in his new movie Rocketman with Rami winning the Academy Award for Best Actor with his portrayal of Freddie Mercury in Bohemian Rhapsody.

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Taron Egerton and the Met Gala 2019
Taron Egerton and the Met Gala 2019. Picture: Getty

The dress code for the Met Gala 2019 was to rock up in the campest outfit possible... which means as extravagant, fabulous and over the top as possible.

With Rami and Taron portraying Freddie and Elton, many believed the pair would attend the ceremony channelling the rock legends, however they were disappointed.

One fan wrote, "You’re telling me that Rami Malek and Taron Egerton depicted two queer icons on film and THAT is what they wore to the met gala" with another adding, "Rami Malek played Freddie Mercury and Taron Egerton played Elton John and they both showed up in kinda sorta interesting black suits...I mean did you not learn anything at all lmfao #MetGala".

Some fans however were quick to defend the actors. One Twitter user wrote, "though i would’ve loved to see lucy and rami in matching outfits, cancelling him because of his met gala look is just absurd! he is NOT frieddie mercury as well as taron is NOT elton john. thank you and have a good day".

One thing we can all agree on is that the duo still looked absolutely drop dead gorgeous, right?!

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