9 Epic Sweets From Your Childhood That You'll Never Eat Again & It's Devastating

12 October 2017, 16:00 | Updated: 4 December 2017, 11:10

Nostalgic food

Mars Delights, we miss you!

Remember coming home from school and tucking into a Penguin Flipper Dipper? How about finding a cheeky Taz bar in your lunchbox every now and again? Well, they're just two sweets you'll never get to have again - and damn, do we miss them! 

Here's our most-missed discontinued sweets and treats, and yes we're totally going to petition to have them back! 

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1. Mars Delights 

In 2016, over 6,000 people signed a petition to bring back Mars Delights - which were only available for four glorious years - until it was discontinued for being one of the most calorific pieces of confectionary around. Still we miss that creamy, crumbly taste - however, despite all the signatures it doesn't look like it will be coming back any time soon. SOB. 


2. Penguin Flipper Dippers 

Biscuity goodness dipped in two types of cream? Erm yes please. Sadly, these are now just things of legend as they were sadly discontinued. Packed lunches will never be the same! 


3. TAZ bars 

Way back when Freddos cost 10p, TAZ bars were the caramel-filled equivalent... they were DEVASTATINGLY taken off the shelves and replaced with a caramel Freddo but it just was NOT the same. 


4. Kit Kat Senses

Wafer goodness with a creamy filling on top, Kit Kat Senses were effectively the first generation Kinder Bueno - and they even had Girls Aloud in the advert! 


5. Frufoo yoghurts

They were the space ship-shaped yoghurts with a toy in the middle (kinda like a non-chocolatey Kinder Egg) but they toy was always a bit rubbish... we still have the fruit figures you could join together by their noses somewhere.


6. Fuse Bars

Nuts, raisins, fudge AND cereal bits in the same bar? Yep, this crazy concept was actually a reality until 2006 when they were taken out of service. 


7. Campino

They were circular strawberry and cream flavoured hard sweets but alas, they're another one that's gone to the great sweet shop in the sky. 


8. Fizzy Jerks

This was a secondary school vending machine staple... anyone that didn't buy a pack of Fizzy Jerks for their snack wasn't worth knowing, tbh.


9. Cadbury Dream

Yes, it's a white chocolate bar but it is TOTALLY different to a Milky Bar & we're still not over the fact we can no longer get our hands on it! 


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