People Were Convinced Steph Davis Was Pregnant After This Picture Of Her Bump Was Revealed

5 July 2017, 14:16 | Updated: 4 December 2017, 11:10

Stephanie Davis

Loads of people were sure Steph was pregnant after this pic and it turns out they were right!

After being arrested for alleged GBH of her on-off boyfriend Jeremy McConnell, Stephanie Davis was released from police custody, with a quick trip to the hospital in between.

After pictures were released showing Steph leaving the police station, many people were claiming they thought she could actually be pregnant as several of the new snaps appear to show the actress with a bump. It turns out they were right!

Stephanie Davis
(Pic: Flynet)

> Jeremy McConnell CONFIRMS Stephanie Davis Is Pregnant & Reveals Details About Those GBH Claims

Friends of Steph have claimed that she suffered five broken ribs and other injuries during a fight with Jeremy, whilst the Irish model was also seen flying back to Dublin with severe facial injuries.

Speaking to MailOnline, Steph's friend claimed, "Jeremy relapsed again on Sunday and attacked Stephanie causing severe injuries including five broken ribs and a broken nose alongside other injuries which explain her stay in hospital yesterday whilst in police custody."

Stephanie has to go back to hospital today for another follow up appointment and for her serious injuries to be checked over by medical professionals. Stephanie's friends and family all want her away from toxic Jeremy and the distress and trouble he has caused her since they met."

Since that statement Jeremy has confirmed that Steph is pregnant and has shared a detailed account of his side of the events that unfolded before Steph was arrested.  Fans had revealed that they thought Steph was pregnant hours before the announcement...

Obviously, with the stories of Steph's drinking and the physical altercation she's recently been in, people will naturally be concerned especially now Jeremy has confirmed the pregnancy.

At the moment neither Steph nor her reps have released a statment on Jeremy's claims and until they do, speculation is sure to continue.

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