WATCH: These Youtubers Show You How To Create REAL LIFE Snapchat Filters Using Make Up

21 March 2016, 10:41 | Updated: 4 December 2017, 11:10

7 Snapchat Filters Makeup Tutorial/DIY (CC)


Because who wouldn’t want to walk around as the demon bunny or the rainbow vomit… erm.

OK, our fancy dress costumes are officially sorted from now until FOREVER thanks to these clever Youtubers who have shown us how to create actual Snapchat filters in REAL LIFE.

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Yep, if you’ve ever fancied walking around as a zombie, the rainbow vomit face or the demon bunny (and more!) we’ve got you sorted – and TBH, why WOULDN’T you want to look like this on AND off Snapchat?

Youtubers Madeyewlook and Jordan Hanz have put together a series of RIDICULOUSLY detailed tutorials to show how to recreate the looks using just make up and face paint – though we reckon their mad skills with a make up brush probably help, too!

We’re going to have to face facts that our take on this will NEVER be as spot on, but this is definitely going to kill a LOT of hours of boredom practicing…

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