Guy Messages Schofe About His Body Hair On Snapchat, Gets A Total Curveball Of A Reply!

4 April 2017, 10:54 | Updated: 4 December 2017, 11:10

Schofe asset

Schofe really is the guy that just keeps on giving isn't he?

If he's not in bits laughing at some meatball innuendo on live TV with Holly, he's usually posting fire Snapchats. 

And he's only gone and outdone himself this time with a single reply to a guy called Andrew from St Albans. 

Phillip posted this Snapchat at the weekend, moaning about clearing plug holes.

Schofe Snapchats


Andrew replied to Schofe with this super cute selfie

Schofe Snapchats


Of course he didn't expect Phil to actually read his reply on Snapchat, never mind physically reply. 

Schofe Snapchats


Except he did and it was pure FIRE.

Schofe Snapchats


So if you ever wanted to know what Schofe's preferences on his body hair was... it's your lucky day!

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