WATCH: Roxanne Pallet Accused Of 'Acting' By Celebrity Islanders & 'Had Issues' With Other Contestants

10 September 2018, 11:27 | Updated: 10 September 2018, 11:40

Roxanne Pallet has been accused of faking her emotional outbursts and 'acting' by her fellow islanders on the latest series of Celebrity Island with Bear Grylls, just weeks after Celebrity Big Brother ordeal with Ryan Thomas 'punching' her.

After Roxanne Pallet's dramatic Celebrity Big Brother showdown with Ryan Thomas has made her just slightly unpopular with her housemates & the viewing public alike, now, her appearance on Celebrity Island with Bear Grylls has aired and sees her co-stars accusing her of 'acting' for the camera.

CBB Housemates Are Returning To Explain The Whole Roxanne Pallet Situation

It also emerged that Roxanne's island experience was cut very short, choosing to quit after a campfire triggered memories of a house fire she was allegedly involved in.

In one clip, Roxanne says she no longer cares what she looks like and has turned into an 'amazonian ninja' to which Eric Roberts, brother of actress Julia Roberts, asks if she is saying that for the camera.

TOWIE star and fellow celebrity islander, Pete Wicks, explained the reason Roxanne left the island was because their camp fire "reignited memories of her being trapped in a fire when she was younger… it was such a big drama" whilst appearing on the Jeremy Vine show.

He also admitted that in her short stint on the show she had issues with, and fell out with a number of the other celebrities, although nothing as 'outrageous' as what went down on CBB.

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