Love Island Viewers Reckon This Moment Of Olivia From The Final Explains Alot About How She Feels About Chris

25 July 2017, 08:27 | Updated: 4 December 2017, 11:10

Olivia Love Island

And we really hope it's not true.

Perhaps the most viral moment of the Love Island final was Olivia’s dive into the pool.

And no, we’re not joking - it literally went viral. 

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Whilst fans could’ve focused on their heartbreak that the show was ended, or relished in their happiness that Cash Hughes returned, they decided to focus on Olivia’s weird dive into the pool.

That said, it was beyond funny. 

But it seems that some fans are likening her dive to how she feels about Chris. 

Which is... deep. 

(Pool pun intended).

We reckon she was probably just having a bit of fun but some eagle eyed fans are commenting that this is what she feels like doing when she realises she has to deal with Chris in the real world, didn't win the money or even her jumping to conclusions about their relationship! 

Either way, here’s a compilation of tweets for your viewing pleasure.


Remember when Chris got all kinds of emosh over Cash?