Netflix Have Released A Mario Style Game With Your Fave Characters & Nothing Else Matters

Netflix Game

AND it involves your favourite Netflix characters.

If your weekends involve a hell of a lot of Netflix binging then you’re in luck, because the streaming service are taking their offering to a whole new level. 

And you can LITERALLY ‘level-up’ - Mario style. 

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If you’ve binged watched Narcos, Orange Is The New Black, Stranger Things or Marco Polo then you’re in luck because Netflix are releasing a game based on our most loved characters. 

‘Infinite Runner’ is quite simple. You play as one of four characters: Pablo Escobar from Narcos, Piper Chapman from Orange Is The New Black, Mike Wheeler from Stranger Things or Marco Polo from Marco Polo. 

It’s premise is simple - it’s an arcade browser-based game where you jump over obstacles and collect power-ups. 

And yes, if you play as Mike from Stranger Things, a little computerised version of Eleven will show up somewhere along the route. 

It's only been released in certain countries but we're hoping it'll get rolled out worldwide soon. 

Netflix and Chill has been taken to a whole new level.

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