Wellerman Remix: World’s First Play With MistaJam To Future Official Big Top 40 No.1?

22 January 2021, 21:46 | Updated: 19 June 2021, 12:26

Nathan Evans Could Become No.1 In The Chart
Nathan Evans Could Become No.1 In The Chart. Picture: Nathan Evans

By Nathan Aspell

From TikTok to The All-New Capital Weekender with MistaJam and now potentially topping the Official Big Top 40!

Before 2021 you might not have known who Nathan Evans was, let alone what a sea shanty sounded like. However, this year has already fished out a pearl of a tune with 220 Kid and Billen Ted's remix of 'Wellerman'.

After a Tiktok of Nathan Evans performing 'Wellerman' went viral, 220 Kid and Billen Ted joined forces to create a remix of epic proportions and now it is en route to be one of the biggest tunes of 2021.

Where Did The Sea Shanty TikTok Trend Come From? Viral Lads Video Started By Postman

The track was first played on The All-New Capital Weekender with MistaJam and now looks to be unstoppable in it's pursuit of the Official Big top 40 No.1 spot.

In fact, let us leave it to MistaJam to explain exactly how the rise to stardom came about for former postman Nathan Evans...

"I’ve been playing the guitar since I was eight, music has always been the passion and always been my dream,” he told the Independent.

He added, "I write my own songs and music too, but if people like the sea shanties and they bring a good amount of joy to people then I don’t mind doing that. Music is an absolute passion for me, if it makes people happy then I’m all for it."

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