Nando's Are Giving Away Free Chicken For Students On A Level Results Day To Help You Celebrate/Cry

8 August 2017, 17:40 | Updated: 4 December 2017, 11:10

Free Nandos

Yep - this really is happening!

A Level results day is a different kind of event for everyone.

For some of you it's a day of celebration as you toast a set of amazing results, whereas for others it's a disappointing day where you kinda wish you'd tried a little bit harder.

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One thing that can make it a bit better though, either way, is some FREE food from Nando's.

The South African restaurant chain are going the extra mile this A Level results day and have decided to offer every student a free quarter chicken - sounds good to us right?

To claim your free chicken on 17th August, all you need to do is bring your student ID and your A Level results and you'll be able to grab your freebie. You'll also need to spend £7, but that's basically a drink and a side, so you should be sweet!

According to Nando's, each student can only claim one freebie, so don't try heading back in later on to top up on your fave chicken.

But 'what if I'm a vegetarian/vegan and I don't eat chicken?' we hear you ask. Well, luckily the offer also applies to several veggie and vegan options so you can substitute your chicken for something that suits you.

Happy days!


So whether you're excited to head off to uni or you're taking some time to plan an apprenticeship etc, just remember how lucky you are to be munching on that free food.

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