WATCH: Millie Bobbie Brown Revealing She's Taking A Break Due To Exhaustion Is Heartbreaking

27 March 2017, 15:43 | Updated: 4 December 2017, 11:10

Millie Bobbie Brown

She works exceptionally hard for a 13 year old!

When we were her age, we were rushing home after school to catch the latest episode of Tracey Beaker (or The Queen's Nose if you're a bit older), but Millie Bobbie Brown doesn't have time for that.

To be honest, you'd be more likely to find her starring in one of those shows rather than rushing home to watch them!

Stranger Things Season 2: What We Know So Far Incl. Release Date, Cast & Spoilers

The Stranger Things star has been working tirelessly over the last couple of years and her role in the hit show as Eleven has catapulted her to a level of stardom not many youngsters will ever experience. Sadly though, it seems to be taking its toll on her...

In the very honest and open video above, which Millle posted to her Instagram account recently, she explains, "I’ve had to cancel at Collective Con last minute, which is something I’ve never done and I’m planning on never doing again."

"I just think I’ve worked too hard and I have to rest as I’ve had a really long shoot and I’m still filming Stranger Things. I’m sorry to everyone who’s going and I promise you guys I’m going to get back to you."

Normally a bubbling, bundle of energy, Millie looks physically tired after a long filming season and it's only right that she makes time for herself and gives herself a chance to rest.

Millie's fans were quick to reach out and support the fatigued star...

We hope she's feeling back to her usual self soon!

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