WATCH: We Now Have A Step-By-Step Guide For Making Your Own Big Mac! You're Welcome...

"What is in the sauce that is in the Big Mac?"


Yes. You did just read that right... We have a tutorial for making your own McDonald's Big Mac. We never have to leave the house ever, ever again.

We've spent far too long in queues waiting for our order to be taken, while drunken so-and-so's are raving around us; fighting behind us... And even chundering on us.


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We're pretty fed up with waiting for our fast food. That's why we haven't stopped buzzing since we found this step-by-step guide from McDonald's Executive Chef, Dan Coudreaut, on how to make your own version of the Big Mac.

How to Make a Big Mac Tutorial

We'll be back soon - we're just off to make ALL of the burgers we can carry. Oh, and to wipe the saliva off of our laptop keyboards.

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