Fans Spot The Incriminating Evidence Marnie & Aaron Hooked Up Again On Geordie Shore

15 March 2018, 12:36

Marnie Simpson Aaron Chalmers Geordie Shore

The on-off couple are both dating other people.

Marnie Simpson might have announced that she has quit Geordie Shore, but it looks like one thing that’s not over is her on/off relationship with co-star Aaron Chalmers.

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In this week’s episode the couple were filmed going to the toilet together so Marnie could “be sick”… but eagle-eyed fans spotted something which gave away that the couple seemed to have been up to no good behind the closed door.

When Aaron walked down the stairs to go into the bathroom, he had his boxer shorts on the right way around… but when he came out they were mysteriously on back to front!

We know these two have been on and off a thousand times, but they are both in relationships with other people!

Fans were quick to spot the couple’s faux pas though there has been no word from either of them or their other halves…

Of course there may be a perfectly innocent explanation to the back-to-front boxers… but neither of them have commented since their denials on the episode!

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