WATCH: The Tragic Moment This Guy Claimed He Looked Like Harry Styles Sent Viewers Into Cringe Overload

22 November 2017, 12:09 | Updated: 4 December 2017, 11:10

We almost can't bare to watch.

As the video above shows, the moment that this First Dates lad claimed he gets compared to Harry Styles a lot had us scratching our heads for days.

We know Harry Styles used to have long hair, but a lot of people have long hair people, so we're just not feeling the Hazza comparisons tbh, soz.

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When Maître D Fred said he thought 23 year old Ashley from Huddersfield looked like the One Direction lad, we just couldn't deal.

Harry Styles Lookalike
(Pic: Getty)

But it appears we weren't the only ones to think that Ashley's resemblence to Harry Styles was a bit misguided as plenty of people took to Twitter to share their confusion...

Some seriously savage reactions there - so we won't be comparing ourselves to any celebs any the near future!

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