ASOS Accidentally Printed This Embarrassing Mistake On Their Bags, But Can You Spot It?

22 March 2018, 12:08

ASOS Typo Bag

The fashion made a SERIOUS error printing a typo on 17,000 of its bags but promise they're limited edish' daahling'.

Ordered anything from ASOS recently? Us too. More than we'd care to admit. If so, you need to keep your eyes peeled for your package to come with a limited edition, one off, typo.

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Everyone’s favourite online retailer took to Twitter to explain that they had accidentally printed 17,000 bags with a glaring typo which reads: ‘discover fashion onilne’

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Thankfully for whoever is responsible for this fumble, the online retailer decided to make light of the situation, tweeting that these were actually incredibly rare, one of a kind own brand bags.



People have praised ASOS for putting a positive twist on the mistake and in doing so saved an enormous amount of plastic being chucked in the bin. 


This could actually be turning into some sort of trend, especially after denim brand DIESEL’s viral stunt during New York Fashion Week. 

The brand sold genuine DIESEL clothes with the logo misspelt 'DEISEL' in a rickety old market stall and filmed unassuming people buying their designer goods for dirt cheap.

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Kinda clever, right?

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Next time you find something with a typo in it, hang on to it, cos' it might just go on eBay for a pretty penny.

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