Liam Payne Was Director Of £500 Million Company At 22

9 June 2021, 14:56

Liam Payne was director of a £500 million company at 22
Liam Payne was director of a £500 million company at 22. Picture: PA
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Liam Payne got honest about his relationship with money.

The One Direction boys are multi-millionaires thanks to their success in the group, but Liam Payne has admitted money doesn’t equal happiness.

In his chat with Steve Bartlett in Diary of a CEO podcast, Liam, who was put into 1D at 16 years old and now has a net worth of £46 million, said he invested his musical fortune elsewhere while in the band but the fortune made him “deluded in growth.”

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He said: “I was a director of a half-a-billion pound industry at 22. But if I am trying to pay car insurance I am useless. Picking up my post? I am the worst person in the world. You are deluded in your growth.

Liam Payne recalls the moment he was picked for 1D

One Direction have a combined net worth of £260 million
One Direction have a combined net worth of £260 million. Picture: PA

Liam added: “I still feel like a child in so many ways. There is no link between money and happiness. It is a myth. Money is the ability to relax on certain things.”

The ‘Strip That Down’ singer said he sought investment advice from his manager after seeing he had “the biggest garden in London.”

“My business learning curve was from the day I got my first check,” Liam recalled. “I went to the manager and was like, ‘What do you invest your money in?’ because he had the biggest garden in London.

“I was like, here’s a good place to start. He had the biggest home garden.”

Liam Payne impersonates Harry Styles

Liam went on to spill where some of his fortune came from.

He continued: “I started to branch out a little bit more and then I went into properties which is always the one I wanted to do. Then when I was 19, I nearly bought a fighting agency which was fun. I got brought in to buy BAMMA when I was 19.

“I roll up to this thing in my Burberry coat thinking I’m an absolute bad man because I’m about to buy England’s UFC… 

Liam Payne invested his money soon after being put into 1D
Liam Payne invested his money soon after being put into 1D. Picture: PA

“I got in this company but unfortunately the deal wasn’t great and I put it through one of my investors that I know and he was like, people try to catch you out. This was always my biggest problem.”

It was in the same interview that Liam revealed his split from fiancée Maya Henry, saying he wasn’t able to give “the best version” of himself in their relationship.

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