KSI Vs Logan Paul: Joe Weller's Favourite Might Actually Surprise You

29 June 2018, 17:27

As the only man who's been in a ring with KSI, Joe Weller's opinions will certainly be an interesting watch for fight fans!

The KSI Vs Logan Paul fight all sparked from KSI's comments at the end of his first ever boxing match against Joe Weller, which KSI won. So when Joe shared his thoughts on the upcoming fight between these two YouTube giants, we were obviously all ears.

Speaking to his 4.9 million subscribers, Joe revealed his thoughts on who he felt would come out victorious on the night, what they needed to do to win and plenty more.

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KSI Vs Logan Paul Result

As you can see in the video above, Joe feels that KSI is a showman and that he thrives in that environment, however he did also give props to Logan Paul saying that he's used to performing in a sports situation, so it could go either way. He does admit that he thinks KSI may have the edge, so it seems as though he's backing his former foe.

Talking about KSI, Joe stated, "Don't be fooled by his body langauage or what you think he's looking like because what's going on in here [his head] is a different story. On paper you can't deny the facts that Logan is a big guy - he's gonna pack a lot of power behind those punches. It's not about the muscles but about the weight and he's carrying a lot!"

KSI's Biggest Weakness

Joe claimed, "From my experience, in that fight KSI's punches weren't the hardest. You saw literally when I was doing nothing he had three shots pummeling my skull, but still it didn't put me down. You see the footage of Logan sparring - he does a swift left hook and he puts a guy on his a**e".

How KSI Beats Logan Paul

"I think if KSI's gonna win this fight he needs to utilise his speed and movement," Joe stated. "For the opening rounds he's gonna have to jab and move so Logan can't unleash those power shots and hope that when it gets to the later rounds Logan tires and he can capitalise."

How Logan Paul Beats KSI

Revealing how he feels Logan Paul could beat KSI, Joe explained, "Logan and his aggression and his power and maybe his speed - we don't know how quick he is - if he gets to KSI early on, there's no two ways about it, it could be trouble. It's gonna be a mental night."

Check out the full video here.

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