Internet Divided As It’s Revealed Kristen Stewart Will Play Princess Diana In New Film

18 June 2020, 10:14

Kristen Stewart will play Princess Diana in the film 'Spencer'.
Kristen Stewart will play Princess Diana in the film 'Spencer'. Picture: PA images

Kristen Stewart will play Princess Diana in ‘Spencer’.

Kristen Stewart is set to take on the role of Princess Diana in a new film, but the internet is divided.

The movie, titled ‘Spencer,’ is expected to begin production in early 2021, but not everybody is convinced she is the right actor to portray the Princess of Wales.

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Princess Diana passed away in 1997.
Princess Diana passed away in 1997. Picture: PA images

One fan wrote on Twitter: "Kristen Stewart is going to play princess Diana? That’s gonna be terrible omfg."

Another added: "Kristen Stewart is set to play Princess Diana as if there wasn’t enough terrible things going on in the world."

However, others think, although it is a 'controversial casting,' she will do a good job.

"I understand some of the comments of the people from UK," wrote one fan. "It is a controversial casting. It is. But it is not on Kristen Stewart’s hability to perform, to demostrate, to capturate moments, because she is good. She is. And she doesn’t take these things lightly."

Here's some more divisive reactions from Twitter:

The director of the film, Pablo Larraín, told Deadline the film will be based on one critical weekend in the early ‘90s when Diana decided her marriage to Prince Charles wasn’t working.

He said: “We all grew up, at least I did in my generation, reading and understanding what a fairy tale is.

“Usually, the prince comes and finds the princess, invites her to become his wife and eventually she becomes queen. That is the fairy tale. When someone decides not to be the queen, and says, I’d rather go and be myself, it’s a big big decision, a fairy tale upside down … that is the heart of the movie.”

Speaking about why he wanted Kristen for the role, he said: “Kristen is one of the great actors around today.

“To do this well, you need something very important in film, which is mystery. Kristen can be many things, and she can be very mysterious and very fragile an ultimately very strong as well, which is what we need. The combination of those elements made me think of her. The way she responded to the script and how she is approaching the character, it’s very beautiful to see. I think she’s going to do something stunning and intriguing at the same time. She is this force of nature.

“I’ve seen movies from Kristen that are so diverse it’s incredible, showing different layers and her diversity and strength as an actress,” he said. “We’re very happy to have her, she’s very committed. As a filmmaker, when you have someone who can hold such a weight, dramatic and narrative weight just with her eyes, then you have the strong lead who can deliver what we are looking for.”

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