WATCH: Kim Woodburn Sent Loose Women Into Chaos By Swearing Live On Air

28 February 2017, 14:28 | Updated: 4 December 2017, 11:10

Kim Woodburn

Classic Kim Woodburn...

The one and only Kim Woodburn is fast becoming a modern TV legend.

While most people only enjoy a boost to their celeb status during their time on a show like Celebrity Big Brother, it seems that Kim has the formula for how to successfuly maintain that boost long afterwards too.

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Kim, the star of the most recent CBB series, was appearing on Loose Women to discuss what's been going on in her life since the show and to have her say about the much talked about arguments and battles she was part of during her CBB stint.

Kim Woodburn

Picture: Channel 5

But her appearance on the show quickly descended into chaos as the former 'How Clean Is Your House' presenter turned the air blue by swearing live on air!

Oh Kim, what are you like!?

Loose Women also showed a video from Kim's former housemate which showed her trying to make peace with her old foe...

Of course the people of Twitter were the first to react and it's fair to say their opinions are split...

We've got a feeling Kim might not be invited back any time soon.

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