Kate Garraway Says Her Children Have ‘Effectively Lost Their Dad’ In Heartbreaking Good Morning Britain Interview

8 July 2020, 09:18

Kate Garraway: ‘They told me six times he wouldn't make it'

Kate Garraway was in tears on Good Morning Britain on Wednesday as she spoke about husband Derek Draper.

Kate Garraway returned to the Good Morning Britain studios this morning (8 July) to speak with Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid about husband Derek Draper’s coronavirus battle.

In a heartbreaking interview Kate was in tears as she said her children have “effectively lost their dad.”

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The mum of Darcey, 14, and Billy, 10, said it felt “really emotional” to be back in the studio, after weeks off of work while her husband battled Covid-19 in hospital.

Kate Garraway and husband Derek have two young children
Kate Garraway and husband Derek have two young children. Picture: PA

She told her colleagues: “I thought as soon as I walked in I was going to cry. It's so lovely to see your faces. Its like coming out of a little bubble of sadness."

Derek is in a “minimal state of consciousness” at the moment, sometimes opening his eyes after coming out of the coronavirus-induced coma he has been in for three months.

Kate explained: “His eyes are opening but we don't know what state of consciousness he has."

Kate Garraway made an emotional appearance on GMB
Kate Garraway made an emotional appearance on GMB. Picture: ITV

One doctor told Kate her husband was “as sick as anyone he has ever seen in 35 years of medicine never mind COVID.”

"There are people that are in the same situation as me who had loved ones taken much earlier.

"The situation for me now is that the doctors say to me 'you've got to get on, you've get to get on with life'.

"For Darcy and Billy, right now effectively they've lost their dad. They haven't, he's there, we're talking to him on FaceTime but he can't respond. He's not a presence in the way that he should be in our lives."

Derek Draper has come out of his Covid-induced coma
Derek Draper has come out of his Covid-induced coma. Picture: Getty

She added that she’s been told six times her husband won’t make it.

"It is a very desperate situation, its very difficult situation," she continued. "It is a miracle he's still alive."

Doctors put Derek into a coma to give his lungs a rest on 5 April but Kate said he now “can’t wake up.”

Kate said although his eyes are opening, they have no knowledge of what he can see or hear.

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