Inside Out's Amy Poehler Explores Brand New Emotions On Capital Breakfast

12 June 2024, 07:32 | Updated: 12 June 2024, 08:07

Amy Poehler joins Capital Breakfast
Amy Poehler joins Capital Breakfast. Picture: Capital/Alamy

By Abbie Reynolds

Inside Out's Amy Poehler joined Kemi Rodgers on Capital Breakfast to chat all about Inside Out 2 and brand new emotions.

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Nearly a decade after Inside Out was released, Pixar is bringing its sequel Inside Out 2 to cinemas on June 14.

To chat all about the new movie and the brand new emotions joining main character Riley's gang, actress and comedian Amy Poehler - aka 'Joy' - sat down with Capital Breakfast's Kemi Rodgers.

She explained how as Inside Out's Riley, now played by Kensington Tallman, grows into her teenage years with more emotions such as 'Anxiety', 'Embarrassment' and 'Ennui' - which is french for boredom.

Amy Poehler hilariously improvises new 'Inside Out' emotions drawn by kids 🤣

With the addition of new emotions, the cast of Inside Out 2 is fully star-studded with the likes of The Bear star Ayo Edebiri playing the voice of 'Envy' and Stranger Things' Maya Hawke taking on the role of 'Anxiety'.

Amy said if there were to be an Inside Out 3 she'd imagine the characters 'Hangry', 'Triumph' and 'Judgement'.

Then, Kemi shared some drawings sent in by our 'little listeners' and asked Amy to match them with an emotion.

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World premiere of Disney and Pixar&squot;s "Inside Out 2" in LA
World premiere of Disney and Pixar's "Inside Out 2" in LA. Picture: Getty

From the adorable sketches she came up with 'Shy', 'Triumph' and, the cousin of 'Joy', the 'Party Starter' who unsurprisingly had a British accent.

Speaking as a mum of two teenagers herself, Amy said: "You know what's so good about this film is you can look at it as a parent, you can look at it as a young person, you can look at it as a person who has just experienced the last ten years and how hectic it's been.

"You don't have to be young to have anxiety," she started, "Pixar does this so well, where they take young people's feeling very seriously, they treat it with a lot of respect and when we watch it we get in touch with our inner child."

Ready to get in touch with your inner child? Inside Out 2 hits the cinemas Friday 14th June.

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