Harry Styles Photographer Takes Fans Behind The Scenes Of His Show At The Forum

3 September 2020, 16:29

Harry Styles' tour would have been well underway by now
Harry Styles' tour would have been well underway by now. Picture: Getty

Harry Styles should have been kicking off three nights at The Forum in California this week.

Harry Styles launched his second album ‘Fine Line’ at The Forum in December last year on the day it was released, and this week the One Direction singer should have been embarking on a string of dates back at the iconic venue.

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Like all other live shows this year Harry’s 2020 tour was cancelled, so to mark what should have been three nights of performances with 'Love On Tour' at The Forum, the venue’s photographer took fans behind the scenes of 'Fine Line Live'.

Harry Styles released 'Fine Line' in December last year
Harry Styles released 'Fine Line' in December last year. Picture: Getty

Rich Fury, Forum’s house photographer said he was in awe of how Harry’s fans already knew the words to every song despite the album being released hours before.

He said: “I had seen and photographed One Direction in the past, but the first time I saw Harry Styles on his solo tour inn support of his debut album, I knew this was something different.

“I saw an artist who had carved out a genre-bending path with a demanding stage presence, an undeniable connection with his audience and just overall great songs to back it up.”

Recalling how Harry’s show at the time was “more than sold out”, Fury was stunned by the “new songs of a career-defining album that was absolutely timely with a subtle nod to the past.”

We couldn't have said it better ourselves.

Sharing his favourite image he took of Harry, the photographer said it “captures Harry’s energy and the timelessness of his performance that December night.”

Harry announced in April that his Love On Tour shows would be postponed until next year, much like the concerts of his former bandmates including Niall Horan and Louis Tomlinson who also had international stops planned.

In the meantime, Harry has been winding down at home in London and also spent a few weeks in Italy, where he owns a house not far from Rome.

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