Harry Styles Was First To Know About 'Don't Worry Darling' Co-Star Nick Kroll's Proposal

1 December 2020, 11:34

Harry Styles was the first to know co-star Nick Kroll was engaged
Harry Styles was the first to know co-star Nick Kroll was engaged. Picture: Jimmy Fallon/ PA

Harry Styles is making mates on the set of 'Don't Worry Darling' including one of his heroes, 'Big Mouth' creator Nick Kroll- who he was first to discover had gotten engaged!

Harry Styles was the first person to know about his Don't Worry Darling co-star Nick Kroll's engagement after the pair talked through the proposal during a table read in LA and we're so here for this newfound friendship.

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Harry Styles was the first person to know about Nick Kroll's engagement

Nick, who is best known for his TV show Big Mouth, dropped by Jimmy Fallon for a chat, where he revealed the pretty momentous event about getting engaged to his now-wife, Liliy Kwong (or, if you're a Harry fan, the tale of him and Harry become mates.)

Nick said: "I wasn't sure how to propose to her, I couldn't talk to her about it [and we were in lockdown]."

"So, I had just started working on this movie Don't Worry, Darling that Olivia Wilde is directing and it's starring Harry Styles and Florence Pugh."

"I was at the table read with them and I knew I wanted to propose and hadn't been able to talk to anybody so I ran through some ideas with them."

"You know, I was just spitballing with Flo and H-Bomb and Olivia and we're all chatting about it."

"We had just moved into a new house, so I put a huge bouquet of flowers into a moving box."

Once he had popped the question, Nick revealed:

"We were getting ready to call our parents and take a picture and Harry Styes texted me like, 'Have you done it yet? what's going on?"

"So, Harry Styles was the first person to know we were engaged, Harry was the first person to know and he gave us his blessing."

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Harry has previously spoken about his love for Nick Kroll's TV show Big Mouth and it's a seriously sweet full circle moment that the singer was the first to find out about his engagement.

Also, when they eventually got married, Haz sent them a huge bouquet of flowers with Nick and Jimmy agreeing he's a 'total gentleman' and the 'nicest guy ever'.

Nick also said Harry doesn't know this yet, but he is going to be the guardian of all our children (this part, he was actually joking about BTW!)

So, DWD is giving us serious new friend vibes and it just makes us more excited than ever for the thriller to be released.

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