This Group Of Girls All Found Out They Were Dating The Same Guy, Went All 'John Tucker Must Die' On Him & Now They've Gone Viral

8 August 2017, 15:22 | Updated: 4 December 2017, 11:10

Viral tweet stealing serial dates

WARNING: May contain swearing.

We’ve all been there - been on a horrifically awful date that we all wanted to end. We’ve had the code word with our best friend for when they should come and bail us out because it’s got THAT bad. 

However, we’re not sure we’ve ever had a date SO bad when compared to this group of ladies. 

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One girl went on an appallingly bad date and has revealed to the Twitter-sphere that she and a group of fellow female daters got revenge on a guy who attempted to meet them all in the same evening. 

Lisette, from Washington, has told the story in a series of Twitter posts. She explains that she met a guy in a bar for a few drinks, before another girl - his second scheduled date of the evening - turns up unexpectedly. 


However, instead of freaking out, Lisette conducted a devious and incredible plan. She informs date number two of her plan and then they proceed to get their own back on the serial dater. 

It’s not long until girls number 3, 4 and 5 turn up and instead of them talking to the guy, Lisette captures them all and creates some awesome new girl gang that we’re totally here for. 

It’s when the sixth girl shows up that the tweets begin to get a bit epic. Lisette seizes her before she even meets the guy, leaves him with the fairly sizeable bill, forces him to make an early exit and then naturally, they went viral on Twitter. 

Rest assured though because apparently they were all just 'pre date conversations'...


We're not sure what's more dramatic. THIS or when this happened on Love Island...

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