This Game Of Thrones Character Has Been There Since Season One & We Bet You Probably Missed Her

3 August 2017, 15:49 | Updated: 4 December 2017, 11:10

Game of Thrones


Prepare for your mind to be blown because there’s a random character in Game of Thrones, who has been there since season one, that you probably never noticed… and they’re actually still alive.

Which in itself is impressive.

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C’mon. The fact that they’ve survived seven seasons of the most brutal show on TV and not been killed off is pretty good - particularly when you find out who they work for. 

Meet Cersei’s handmaiden - otherwise known as the person who awkwardly gatecrashed Cersei and Jaime’s rendezvous. 

Bernadette Game of Thrones
Pic: Reddit

Much like most other fans, we presumed that she was employed as an extra for this scene alone but turns out, nope - this is Bernadette (yep, we even know her name!) and she’s been Cersei’s handmaiden since season one.

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