Who Is Felix Mallard? Everything You Need to Know About The 'Happy Together' Actor

3 August 2018, 16:43

Felix Mallard, who plays Cooper James in 'Happy Together'
Felix Mallard, who plays Cooper James in 'Happy Together'. Picture: Getty

Felix Mallard is taking on the role of Harry Styles in new CBS show 'Happy Together' and here's everything we know about him.

Playing Harry Styles in a TV show is no mean feat, but Felix Mallard will be stepping up to the plate in brand new show 'Happy Together, which is based on the life of the One Direction star.

Who Is Felix Mallard?

Felix Mallard is an Australian actor who was born on 20th April 1998. The 20 year old has been a professional actor for the last four years.

Who Is Cooper James?

Cooper James is the character Felix Mallard plays in CBS show 'Happy Together'. Cooper is based on Harry Styles and the reported time he spent living in One Direction producer Ben Winston's basement in America.

Harry had supposedly been trying to avoid the press and Ben and his wife Meredith Winston provided him with a safe haven. The story provides the main plot of 'Hapy Together'.

What did Felix Mallard do be before 'Happy Together'?

Before appearing in 'Happy Together', Felix Mallard worked on Australian soap 'Neighbours' from 2014-2018 and he appeared in a total of 494 episodes.

Felix played the character Ben Kirk, who later became Ben Fitzgerald and he starred alongside Lilly Van Der Meer, who played the role of his girlfriend on the show.

Felix Mallard is playing Cooper James in 'Happy Together'
Felix Mallard is playing Cooper James in 'Happy Together'. Picture: Instagram

Is Felix Mallard a model?

As well as being an Australia actor, Felix mallard is also a musician and model. He earned representation from Vivien Models out of Melborne, Australia.

With his chiseled good looks and clear talent on camera, it's easy to see why Felix was snapped up as a model.

Who are Felix Mallard's family?

Not much is currently known about Felix Mallard's famiy, but we do know that the 20 year old actor has a sister.

Does Felix Mallard make music?

Whilst he's best known for is acting, Felix does play guitar (electric and acoustic) and he's shared a number of videos on his Instagram account showcasing his clear talent.

Considering that he's taking on the role of Cooper James aka Harry tyles in 'Happy Together', it's pretty handy that Felix is quite musical. We don't know whether he'll play any One Direction-inspired songs during the show, but we won't be complaining if he does!

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