Duffy Details Terrifying Four-Week Kidnap Ordeal Which Began When She Was Drugged On Her Birthday

6 April 2020, 08:53

Duffy has spoken in detail about her kidnapping ordeal
Duffy has spoken in detail about her kidnapping ordeal. Picture: Getty

Duffy has shared a lengthy post on her blog to reveal what happened when she was drugged, kidnapped and raped in her own home for four weeks.

In a traumatising four-week ordeal which began as she celebrated her birthday, Duffy was drugged, held captive, and raped.

After promising in February to detail exactly what happened to her, the ‘Mercy’ singer has shared the dark details of the ordeal in a blog post after deciding not to give a face-to-face interview as originally planned.

The 35-year-old singer is now speaking out because “there is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside of you.”

Duffy writes that it all began on her birthday when she was “drugged at a restaurant, then drugged for four weeks and travelled to a foreign country.”

Duffy was out of the spotlight for 10 years
Duffy was out of the spotlight for 10 years. Picture: Getty

After contemplating running away to a nearby town, she felt too afraid in case he called the police on her and reported her as a missing person.

She wrote: “I do not know how I had the strength to endure those days, I did feel the presence of something that helped me stay alive. I flew back with him, I stayed calm and as normal as someone could in a situation like that, and when I got home, I sat, dazed, like a zombie.”

Duffy explained she didn’t feel safe going to the police; “If anything went wrong, I would be dead, and he would have killed me. I could not risk being manhandled or it being all over the news during my danger.”

The star said she was also at high risk of suicide at the time, but managed to get in touch with a psychologist who “got to know me and saw me as a person.”

Duffy at the Mojo Honours List London in 2008

Ending her post with, “I am sharing this because we are living in a hurting world and I am no longer ashamed that something deeply hurt me, anymore” Duffy said she has been in hiding for 10 years.

She continued: “I’m doing this to be freed, for all of me to be freed. What follows remains to be seen.”

Duffy is now living in “a remote town, overlooking the sea, in the middle of nowhere,” adding: “This is not fireworks and champagne for me. Nobody who reveals such a wound feels elated, only release.”

Duffy said she considered changing her name and identity and fleeing to another country to begin a brand new life, but said she didn’t want to keep hiding.

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