Dua Lipa's Third Album: Everything We Know From Release Date To New Sound

7 August 2023, 15:21

Dua Lipa is preparing to release her third album
Dua Lipa is preparing to release her third album. Picture: Getty

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What do we already know about Dua Lipa's next album? Here's the lowdown on the next step in the singer's discography...

Dua Lipa's sophomore album 'Future Nostalgia' dominated the charts in 2020 and we've all been eager for another record from the songstress ever since!

The 27-year-old musician released her self-titled debut album in 2017 and after releasing 'Future Nostalgia' she dropped 'Club Future Nostalgia' and the 'Moonlight Edition'.

Dua's confirmed she's releasing her third album in 2024 and said in her August interview with The New York Time it's 'more personal' than her previous work.

Dua revealed last year her third album "has its own unique sound" – here's everything we know about the hotly-anticipated follow-up to 'Future Nostalgia'....

Dua Lipa becomes an Albanian citizen

Dua Lipa is back in the recording studio
Dua Lipa is back in the recording studio. Picture: Getty
Dua Lipa is working on new material
Dua Lipa is working on new material. Picture: Dua Lipa/Instagram

What is Dua Lipa's next album called?

The 'Break My Heart' singer's third studio album is yet to be formally announced, and there are few clues to what the title could be.

However, in Dua's interview with WSJ she did confirm that the next project has been named.

She said: “It has a vision. It has a name — for now."

The president of Warner Records spoke with Variety in May 2021 about the musical powerhouse's next career steps.

He said that the next album would be “something completely different and at scale.

“She was talking about album No.3 when we barely had No.2 done," he revealed – so maybe we can expect an album sooner rather than later?

Is Dua Lipa working on her third album?
Is Dua Lipa working on her third album? Picture: Getty

Who will feature on Dua Lipa's third album?

In Dua's Instagram post teasing new music at the start of the year, she tagged some industry names. Producer Koz and songwriter Sarah Hudson were seen in the studio with Miss Lipa.

These collaborators could very well feature on her next big release.

When will Dua Lipa's third album come out?

Dua is planning to release her third album in 2024, she confirmed in her interview with The New York Times.

There was a three-year gap between her debut, Dua Lipa, and her smash hit successor, Future Nostalgia in 2020, so it looks like we'll be waiting a little longer for her next record.

Dua Lipa talks about her next album's 'new sound'

Dua's promised her next album will still be pop, les her fans 'have a meltdown.' She doesn't want to 'alienate' them but is working on a new sound she explained will be less influenced by the kind of house and disco beats we heard on 'Physical' and 'Hallucinate'.

She confirmed she's working with Kevin Parker from Australian psych-rock band Tame Impala, so if you want to get an idea of what her new sound will be like...

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