These Two Drunk Girls Caught Stealing Pizza Are Definitely Having A Worse Day Than You

18 January 2018, 18:18

Oh dear.......

We’ve all had one of those nights where you’ve had one too many drinks and you end up seriously hungry AF after your night out and all you can think of is pizza.

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And we’ve all probably had a night out so bad that in our mission to forget it, we’ve etched it out of our memory. Or at least tried to.

That’s probably how these two girls feel after their late night drunk shenanigans ended up not only on a CCTV cam but also all over the internet.


In CCTV footage shared on a website called Live Leak, a pizza delivery guy can be seen parked up outside a pizza place as he goes back in the shop to grab some pizza boxes to load his bike. Awkwardly for him, when he goes back in the shop, two hungry drunk girls walking past grab some pizza slices from his bag before deciding to make a runner with a whole box.

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We know it’s bad and we don’t condone stealing from pizza delivery driver’s (or from anyone) but let’s be honest it’s a little bit funny.

So if you’re ever having a bad day just think about these two girls and remember that it could be a lot worse.

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