Love Island's Chris & Tyne-Lexy Are In A Twitter War As She Claims Olivia Cheats & We Almost Can't Look

21 August 2017, 16:06 | Updated: 4 December 2017, 11:10

Tyne-Lexy Chris Hughes

WOAH! Fans aren't happy with some tweeting, "What happened to the nice Chris from the villa?"

During a recent interview with Metro, Love Island dumpee, Tyne-Lexy claimed that Chris unfollowed her because his girlfriend, Olivia, didn’t like her. 

At the time, the 20-year-old commented: “When I came out, I got on with Chris and his family followed me from his account when he was still on the show, and then as soon as Olivia came out I was removed from everything Instagram, Twitter, the lot, but I think it was Liv”. 

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She went on to reveal that she messaged him asking if he was okay but apparently it was seen and ignored before she commented that her and Olivia “don’t see eye to eye really”. 

Chris caught wind of said quotes and slammed Tyne-Lexy on Twitter and NGL, things have turned a little nasty. 

The 24 year old shared a screen grab of the headline and wrote, “Bantering? I unfollowed you and you begged it. Stop accusing my girl of anything to stay relevant, grow up some years!”.

After tagging Tyne-Lexy in the tweet, she fired back: “Being nice isn’t begging it, should try taking a leaf out of my book, now too prestige to even reply to a fellow contestant”. 

Chris then further defended Olivia: “Mate, you b***h on my girl, so why expect me to follow you? Don’t ever call me prestige again, unless I turn into a car overnight”.

Tyne-Lexy then unleashed her dark side: “Don’t turn into a car mate! She’ll only use you as a free ride to her sideman’s house” which prompted Chris to reply: “I’ll ask if she’ll take you with her; show you what male attention looks like. Rumour has it you’ve been doing PA’s for free as well #beggy”. 

But hey, it makes a change from Chris and Olivia arguing so pros and cons.

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