Chris Hughes Is Branded An 'Embarrassment' After Lashing Out At A Fan Over Those Katie Price Messages

29 September 2017, 12:08 | Updated: 4 December 2017, 11:10

Chris Hughes

He was in full defensive mode!

After Love Island star Chris Hughes decided to leak messages which Katie Price had denied she'd sent to him, there were three sets of people.

There were those he thought he was right in outing the model and proving that she did in fact send him flirty messages, but there were also people who felt that Chris revealing the private messages was stepping over the line.

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However there are also people who felt that Chris had deleted his side of the conversations with Katie to make it look as though he hadn't actually replied to her and it was someone from that group who Chris has now lashed out at.

After Chris' girlfriend Olivia tweeted 'Ohhh look at all you lot turning on chris for backing himself. Smh', she was hit by a flurry of responses from both people defending Chris and those siding with Katie.

When one Twitter user replied saying 'That's what happens when messages are deleted before being screenshotted and posted online. The guy is a (snake emoji)', Chris couldn't help himself and hit back with a savage response.

Even though he didn't use all of Twitter's new 280 characters, he made sure his feelings were heard loudly and clearly with a message that even bragged about his GCSE success.

Chris furiously wrote 'I've got 14 GCSE's, a Uni Degree and morals. I ain't sent s**t, hence why all you'll haven't seen s**t. Worry about yourself man.'

Chris Hughes Tweet

But he was quickly met with a hugely negative response to his reply and was labelled an 'embarrassment' by one angry tweeter who felt that Chris had been a huge hypocrite in posting the original messages.

So what do you make of this whole situation then?

Was Chris right to reveal the messages and share his truth or should he have risen above the whole thing?

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