Chris Hughes Has Issued An Apology After Fans Slammed Him For Using A Racist Term On Instagram

24 October 2017, 13:46 | Updated: 4 December 2017, 11:10

He's apologised for any offence caused.

Chris Hughes has issued an apology after he was filmed singing the N-word on Instagram multiple times. 

The Love Island lad isn’t having the best time of it recently, after all the drama with Katie Price and now offending his fans with this mishap.

> Love Island's Chris Hughes Has Outraged Fans After Using Racist Term In Expletive Rap On Night Out

His girlfriend, Olivia Attwood, filmed him rapping along to Drake whilst on a night out, where she proceeded to upload it to her Instagram Stories. 

He was later bombarded with backlash for using the N word.  

He’s now issued an apology on Twitter, saying that he meant no offence and was merely rapping along to a song that he loves.  

The tweet reads: 

“I wanted to take this moment to address the situation with regards to me being filmed singing the lyrics of the Drake song on Saturday night in a club. While it is clear, I am singing along to the lyrics of an artist I love, I can see, and completely understand, how this has caused offence. This is absolutely the last thing I would ever have wanted to do and I can only apologise to you all. I am mortified that anyone would be upset by my actions. I see this stuff on Snapchat every Saturday and Sunday morning, but that’s no excuse. I promise to learn from this experience - and am truly sorry. Love CH”

On top of this and the Katie Price saga, Chris recently found himself in hot water with Lethal Bizzle after he reportedly stole his catchphrase. 

Lethal Bizzle confronted Chris and rapping partner, Kem, over their use of his phrase ‘little bit leave it’, which is also the title of their debut song. 

“They couldn’t leave me alone innit. Kem and your other brother - I don’t know what your name is - Ross? I don’t know what you’re called. You, you’ve taken my phrase. Cool, I want everyone to use my phrase. Everyone knows I make up words. I want people to use them. I don’t mind. But when you want to do a song and make money from it, I have a problem with that. So we need to have a conversation”, the rapper said on Instagram. 

Uh oh…

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