WATCH: Cheryl Hole Finally Met Idol Cheryl On RuPaul's Drag Race UK & It Was Iconic

8 November 2019, 10:35

Cheryl Hole meets her idol, Cheryl, on Drag Race UK
Cheryl Hole meets her idol, Cheryl, on Drag Race UK. Picture: BBC Three Drag Race UK

Cheryl Hole finally met her idol, Cheryl Cole, on what viewers are deeming to be an iconic episode of RuPaul's Drag Race UK

Drag star, Cheryl Hole, finally got to meet her idol, actual Cheryl, as she guest judged on RuPaul's Drag Race UK and viewers are heralding it as an iconic moment in TV, as the 'Call My Name' singer came face-to-face with her drag equivalent.

Becoming overcome with emotion as Ru announced the 'extra special guest judge' from Girls Aloud, Cheryl Hole, who is a member of a drag tribute act, Gals Aloud, was overcome with emotion.

Cheryl Hole said: "Cheryl is the reason I'm here today girls... I can't."

Finally coming face-to-face with the 'Fight For This Love' star on the mainstage to be critiqued, the two Cheryls had a touching exchange.

Drag Chez said: "I was never thinking this day would actually come that you and me would be this close."

"I'm not going to lie to you, the girls have inspired me a lot from my childhood all the way up 'til age 10 when you disbanded and left me absolutely devo'd me."

Cheryl replied: "Sorry."

The queen went on to thank her idol for all she'd done for her, saying: "Obviously, my name sake is because of you, so I can't thank you inspire me in drag...and you've inspired me my entire life."

"So to be stood, doing the thing that I love the most, means the absolute world to me."

Viewers got emotional at Cheryl Hole's meeting with Cheryl
Viewers got emotional at Cheryl Hole's meeting with Cheryl. Picture: twitter

People took to Twitter to say the 'iconic' TV moment had left them all types of emosh, writing: "This is so adorable & awesome" and "RPDR brings families together in so many ways."

Viewers were also left in hysterics on the previous week's episode, where, as other queens became tearful, worried about their performances and the prospect of going home, Cheryl Hole chimed in and started on an emotional spiel about how much she loves girl bands....and TBH, at least we know she's serious!

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